Get To Know Pastor John J. Owens, IV

Truth Tabernacle is blessed to be guided by the experience of Pastor John J. Owens, IV in Providence, RI. Pastor Owens served in the USMC from 1979 - 1982 and is an ordained UPCI minister and graduated from Jackson College of Ministries in May of 1994. In more than thirty years of ministry, Pastor Owens has served as:

  • Chaplain Intern at Parchman Correctional Institution
  • Interim Pastor in Douglasville, GA, & Taunton, MA
  • A Full-Time Evangelist
  • Associate Pastor at Truth Tabernacle in Providence, RI
Pastor and First Lady Imagery

Our Senior Pastor

In March of 2003, Pastor John J. Owens, IV assumed the Senior Pastor position after Joesph Dinwiddie's retirement. In 2010, Pastor Owens oversaw the transition of Truth Tabernacle to our beautiful three-building campus located in the heart of Providence, RI.

Paster Owens also serves as the promotional director and prayer coordinator of the World Network of Prayer, North East Region.

Our First Lady

Kathleen Owens is a wife, mother, grandmother and nurse. She takes pleasure in providing a stable, quiet and loving home for her family. Kathy’s passion is teaching God’s word in various different setting such as class settings and in-home bible studies. She also enjoys working alongside her husband with the World Network of Prayer as Promotional Directors on the administration team. Serving Truth Tabernacle located in Providence, RI. Is a blessing and an honor she treasures.

Kathleen Owens

Lighthouse Community Development Corporation

Pastor Owens founded the Lighthouse Community Development Corporation in 2003 and became its first president. Since then, each successive president has helped develop the Lighthouse into a vibrant social outreach extension of Truth Tabernacle. By God's help and grace, Truth Tabernacle will continue to be a light of truth in a dark world.